Switchblade Sisters

‘Mandy’ with ‘Aliens’ and ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ Actor Jenette Goldstein

Episode Summary

Legendary character actor Jenette Goldstein joins April to discuss Panos Cosmatos’ ‘Mandy.’

Episode Notes

This week we’ve been graced by a legend. An actor who can be seen in such films as Aliens, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Near Dark, and Titanic – the one and only Jenette Goldstein. She’s on the show to talk about Panos Cosmatos’ heavy metal, psycho-horror, Mandy. Jenette speaks about her career as a character actor and working with James Cameron. She also discusses digging deep for emotional scenes and reveals the secret to crying on camera.

If you haven’t seen Mandy…buckle up.

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With April Wolfe and Jenette Goldstein.