Switchblade Sisters

‘Orlando’ with Rachel True

Episode Summary

Writer and actor Rachel True (The Craft, Nowhere) joins April Wolfe to discuss Sally Potter’s fantastical romance, ‘Orlando.’

Episode Notes

This week’s episode is a real treat because we get to talk to the wonderful and exuberant Rachel True. She has chosen a movie that really blew our hair back; Sally Potter’s fantastical romance, Orlando. Rachel begins the episode by detailing her journey to see this movie in the early ’90s by taking a bus across Los Angeles. Rachel goes on to elaborate on the difficulty of being a black female actor and the limited roles she gets offered. She also talks about how she was often forced to utilize a “hood” accent when auditioning, and how that may have lost her a part in Clueless. And lastly, Rachel opens up about her experience working on The Craft, and why she fights to get the same respect as the other members of the cast.

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If you haven’t seen Orlando yet – it’s great!

With April Wolfe and Rachel True.