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‘Repulsion’ with ‘The Neon Demon’ Co-Writer and ‘Monsterland’ Creator Mary Laws

Episode Summary

Writer Mary Laws (Preacher, Succession) joins guest host Katie Walsh to talk about the controversial ‘Repulsion.’

Episode Notes

This week we are joined by the incredibly talented writer Mary Laws. You may know Mary from writing the screenplay for Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon or from her work on the show Succession. But most recently Mary has created and executive produced the new Hulu anthology series Monsterland. In this episode, Mary joins guest host Katie Walsh to discuss Roman Polanski’s Repulsion. She and Katie do not stray away from the controversy surrounding Polanski, and both of them try to tackle and reconcile with the fact that they both find this movie hugely inspirational. Mary reveals how this very film motivated her to move away from the normal three-act structure. She also elaborates on why she loves working in the horror genre and how it allows for more creative freedom. Plus, Mary also covers her stint as a writer on HBO’s Succession and the differences between writing for theater and film.

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You can watch Monsterland on Hulu now.

If you haven’t seen Repulsion yet – it’s very good.

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With Katie Walsh and Mary Laws.