Switchblade Sisters

The Exciting Conclusion of Switchblade Sisters

Episode Summary

Host April Wolfe is joined by Drea Clark, Katie Walsh, and producer Casey O’Brien to reminisce about the most memorable moments from Switchblade Sisters.

Episode Notes

Well, we did it. It’s the final episode of Switchblade Sisters. Instead of doing a traditional show, April invited Katie Walsh, Drea Clark, and producer Casey O’Brien to discuss the making of Switchblade Sisters. We listen to messages from listeners and past guests and share our stories from the history of the podcast. We laugh, we cry, and Drea says “connective thread” at least 300 times. Thank you to everyone who listened and supported us. We will miss you. The episodes will stay up forever. So if you ever need any filmmaking advice, or maybe some assurance to follow your dreams, the show will always be there.

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