Switchblade Sisters

‘Twister’ with ‘Yes, God, Yes’ Director Karen Maine

Episode Summary

Writer and director Karen Maine (‘Yes, God, Yes’ and ‘Obvious Child’ co-writer) joins April Wolfe to discuss the perfect embodiment of art, Jan de Bont’s ‘Twister.’

Episode Notes

This week we have the joy of discussing a true classic film with a phenomenally talented writer and director. We are joined by the co-writer of the Jenny Slate film Obvious Child and the writer/director of the recently released Yes, God, Yes, Karen Maine. She’s on the show to discuss Jan de Bont’s perfect film, Twister. Karen elaborates on her particular attachment to this film and how it is tied to her Iowa roots. She also talks about her new film Yes, God, Yes starring Stranger Things’ Natalie Dyer and the inspiration behind her story about a young Catholic Schoolgirl navigating her sexual awakening at a religious retreat. Not only that, but Karen also discusses her admiration for Helen Hunt’s perfectly quaffed 90’s hair. And, she talks mad shit about Jan de Bont, but in the most loving way possible.

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And if you haven’t seen Twister yet, then you are a pervert.

With April Wolfe and Karen Maine.